Do you have your office at home? If so, you know it’s very important to create an organized space to facilitate the work. But if you also make that space a beautiful and inspiring place, the workday will be much more fluid and enjoyable.

Today we show you some ideas that might help to inspire you in setting up your office at home, and decorate it according to your tastes and needs.


The ideal is to set up your office in one of the rooms of the house. This makes easier the organization and concentration, while the distractions are reduced.

The style of the decoration depends on your taste, it can be a modern, minimalist, classic … What really matters is that you feel comfortable working.


Given the large size of this spectacular home, the office has been set up in one of the rooms of the house. This option is the one that works best, because it separates the house from the workplace, facilitating the concentration and order at home. One wall of the office is a glass sliding door that gives access to the terrace. With this glass wall natural light pours, and when the weather allows it, you can join the terrace, getting a great extent. The spacious shelves, covering two walls from floor to ceiling, allow classification of documents, folders and office supplies. Overall, this office has a functional, classic and elegant style.

Oquedo 09

Oquedo 08

Menéndez Pelayo I 

This office also occupies completely one of the rooms of the house. The decoration is based on natural colors, and the main material used is Wood, which creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The work table is placed in front of the window, allowing you to enjoy natural light throughout the day. A large wooden shelf can collect and organize all documents and materials in one place, leaving the rest of the office clear for meetings or relaxing moments.

 M. Pelayo 02

Claudio Coello V

In this duplex located in the center of Madrid, the office has been installed in one of the rooms of the house. The desktop has a prominent place and has two shelves to store and classify documentation and working material. What it is unusual and original is that once the workday ends the office becomes a cinema. A large screen hidden in the ceiling makes its appearance, turning the office into a place of leisure to relax after a busy workday.

 C. Coello V 08

C. Coello V 09


Due to the limited space, few people can afford to set aside a room at home for installing an office. That is why the most widespread solution is to use a space in the common areas of the house for this purpose.


This home has opted to place the office in one end of the living room. As in the previous examples, the desktop is placed near a large window, since natural light is one of the most important aspects. The furniture placed just behind the desk serves to organize the material and thus leave the table as clear as possible. This point is crucial, because, as the office is placed in the living room, it is essential to maintain some order. Overall, the office offers an industrial and modern style, which fits perfectly into the living room

 Castelló 09_04

Castelló 09_05

Ríos Rosas I

Finally, we show you this office installed in the dining area of this attic. One of the great advantages is that, since the work table is very wide, you can even receive visits and host small meetings of up to 4 people. The library occupies the back Wall, and the parquet floors and the soft colors used in the furniture and decorative items, creates the perfect combination and balance that help reconcile work and family life.

Ríos Rosas  12-08

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