In order to continue improving our services and help customers in the difficult task of finding a home, we are introducing virtual tours of our apartments.

It is known by all that a picture is worth a thousand words and, concerning the real estate market, the best way to help a client visualize a house is through a virtual tour.

Nowadays, when a customer looks for an apartment, his first and greatest ally is the Internet. It is through this channel where clients make a first filter of the properties that could be interesting, and it is from this first contact of customers where we want to make a difference.

Many of our clients are foreigners who decide to rent an apartment from their country, without visiting it first, so we must offer an image as realistic as possible of what they will find once they get here. Virtual tours greatly help the customer, since with just one click they can get a real idea of ​​how is an apartment, its distribution, the spaces, decor…

This technology is revolutionizing the real estate market and from Ivory Escapes we want to make a difference by applying it in our property portfolio.

Take a look to the great results that offer virtual tours!

… Escape with us!

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