Do you need to refurbish your property? …Ivory Design’s team is waiting for you

“The cobbler should stick to his last”…. very accurate expression! When you need to get something done in an area that you do not master, there is nothing better than putting it […]

Ivory design’s last challege: General Díaz Porlier IV

A comprehensive renovation done at record speed
The Ivory Design’s team has done a comprehensive renovation of a 60 square meters’ apartment in General Diaz Portlier street. However, it has […]

Interior design: Keys to an open plan kitchen

Recently, the concept of kitchen is changing, and in refurbishment and interior design projects, it is increasingly common the open plan kitchen.
The reason is that, besides gaining space and getting […]

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Lagasca IX prototype apartment for expats

Salamanca District is undoubtedly the most demanded neighborhood by expatriate staff, destined in Madrid for periods of between 6 and 18 months.
The profile of this customer is: male, senior […]

Ivory Escapes Home Staging

If there is something that we do like is to get the most of a home and this challenge is presented to us continuously. This is where the ‘Home […]