Once again, the music festival Las Noches del Botánico will cheer up Madrid’s summer

After the success of the past editions, the music festival Las Noches del Botánico returns to Madrid, and is consolidated as one of the musical and cultural events of […]

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Leisure plans to enjoy summer in Madrid

If you are one of those who are in Madrid during the month of August, you will be pleased to know that the city offers numerous leisure and cultural […]

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Apartments with terraces or gardens: Luxury to enjoy the warm weather

One of the most enviable things about Spain is the warm weather that we can enjoy during most part of the year. Therefore, when renting an apartment, terraces become […]

The best tapas of Madrid

Madrid offers many different activities, active social, cultural and leisure life. One of Spaniards’ favorite activities is to go out for a drink, accompanied with tapas. The center of […]

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Madrid’s best museums

Madrid is culturally very rich city and offers many options of museums and exhibition halls which you can visit. We propose a selection of some of our favorites excluding […]

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