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Last opportunity to visit Casa Decor 2019

Casa Decor faces the final stretch of its 54th edition, which ends on March 10th. Until now, its  success is being decisive.
With an attendance of more than 40,000 people, […]

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Ivory design’s last challege: General Díaz Porlier IV

A comprehensive renovation done at record speed
The Ivory Design’s team has done a comprehensive renovation of a 60 square meters’ apartment in General Diaz Portlier street. However, it has […]

IVORY DESIGN: Full color interior design projects for every budget

IVORY DESIGN, the new Arquitecture & Interior Design Department of IVORY ESCAPES, has come stomping to the Madrid interior design market with its custom-made refurbishment projects: Tell me how you live […]

Ivory Escapes’ new office: From an anonymous office to a modern greenhouse

An anonymous office of the 90s converted into an “Ivory Escapes style” greenhouse. This is the project that the Ivory Design Department has developed for the new offices of Ivory […]

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Interior design: Keys to an open plan kitchen

Recently, the concept of kitchen is changing, and in refurbishment and interior design projects, it is increasingly common the open plan kitchen.
The reason is that, besides gaining space and getting […]

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