Cultural activities in Madrid do not stop, although their editions must be adapted. New ways and locations are used and capacity is being controlled. This is the case of the urban art festival ‘Pinta Malasaña’, which celebrates its fifth edition during the months of October and November.


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The origin of the festival: How did the ‘Pinta Malasaña’ come about?

The open competition, held for the first time in April 2016, was born from an initiative of the newspaper ‘Somos Malasaña’ and the association ‘Madrid Street Art Project’.

In its first edition, they brought together 100 artists, out of the 800 who presented their designs, to give a new color and look to the most emblematic streets of this neighborhood of the capital.


Pinta Malasaña 2018: Image from: Ramón Amorós

In this festival, well known artist and new born ones are collaborating to give the district a new look.

Already in 2011, the same newspaper mentioned above held a similar celebration together with Mahou and the Liquitex paint brand. The objective of that initiative was to support artistic creation in Madrid, like the current festival.

The urban festival ‘Pinta Malasaña’ celebrates its fifth edition inside the Mostenses market

This year, to avoid the crowds that occurred in previous editions of the activity, it has been adapted. The organizers have found the perfect space: The Mostentes market, in the heart of the capital.

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Urban art or what is known as Graffiti, are normally treated as something negative, since in many cases they are done without permission and with the aim of damaging both urban furniture and places in the form of a demonstration.

The main objective of this festival is to recognize street art for what it is, art, as long as the spaces and their owners are respected. This year, the works will give a new life to the stalls of the central Madrid market. The businesses and owners of the stalls are delighted, since these are beautiful and cheerful designs, which will give a new and renewed look to the interior of the enclosure.

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On the other hand, to avoid disturbing potential customers or merchants during their working hours, the designs have been made on Sundays, throughout the month of October. This is the closing day of the municipal markets in the capital, so they are closed to the public and thus the risk of contagion is reduced.

The different collages and illustrations will take us to Brazil, Peru, Santo Domingo … and other representative places that make up the shops and restaurants located at this international market in the heart of bustling Madrid.

In addition, this special occasion will allow access to the roof of the market, which is normally closed to the public. From it you can see the roofs of Malasaña or such emblematic buildings as the Edificio España or the Coliseum theater.

The winners of the Malasaña urban festival 2020

De Tripas Aerosol, Yoshihito Suzuki and En medio del medio are the award-winning artists in this unusual edition.

Regarding the winner’s work, the judges have said that it ‘conveys a sensation of fresh light and colors that suggest orange and rosemary scents. In addition, it highlights the great control of color and spray technique, with harmony in simple shapes and patterns. His work also brings a touch of light in a dark place. ‘


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How and when will you be able to enjoy the works exhibited at the festival?

On previous occasions, up to 30,000 people have been counted walking through the streets of the emblematic neighborhood of the capital. This year, due to the measures and restrictions established and to avoid the risk of contagion, the visits will be carried out in a different way.

In order to enjoy the works of the fifty artists, you will have to go on Sunday and participate in one of the guided tours that will take place inside the market.

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