A walk through the streets of Chueca District

The Chueca District has become in recent years one of the most fashionable areas of the capital, thanks to its cosmopolitan open character that has meant for the neighborhood the recognition of its cultural interest of international fame, without having lost its original ‘castizo’ air.

The evolution of Chueca has gone hand in hand with its commercial transformation. In its squares and streets we can find a variety of shops and services’ centers focused on a young and dynamic public. Undoubtedly, the great variety and color of its shops and cultural offer is striking, but if it stands out specially for something it is for the vibrant life of its streets and squares.

In Chueca there are many open spaces – permanently full of visitors – such as the square that gives its name to the neighborhood, which name comes from Federico Chueca, Madrid composer of ‘Zarzuelas’, author of ‘La Gran Vía; Agua, azúcar y aguardiente’. We also find fashionable shops with unique items, public markets converted into gastronomy and leisure centers, museums, art galleries and restaurants, cafés and special bars.

The ‘Plaza de Chueca‘ is undoubtedly its reference point. Located in the center of the neighborhood, it gathers all kinds of people who meet there to have a drink at its terraces or to continue to other places of the vicinity,  such as the ‘Plaza de Pedro Zerolo‘, the quiet ‘Plaza del Rey‘ or the well-known ‘Plaza de Santa Bárbara‘.

Foto propiedad de Housers

The popular street of ‘Fuencarral‘, pedestrian in much of its length, is a must see. It features plenty of fashion shops, cafés and bars, all in a very vibrant and colorful environment.

And it is also worth mentioning the ‘Markets of Chueca‘, old markets of fresh food, reformed and transformed into places of leisure, where to taste delicious tapas at the same time that you do your daily shopping of fresh food.

In ‘San Antón Market‘ you choose the fresh good you wish from any stand and they will prepare it for you at your taste, the ‘BarcelóMarket’, which houses the ‘Barceló Island’, a space destined to celebrate events, the ‘Market of San Ildefonso‘ which reproduces the Street Food Markets of London and New York and the ‘Huerto de Lucas’,  an oasis of ecology in the middle of the city.

El Huerto de Lucas, foto propiedad de www.megustamibarrio.es

And we finish the tour around Chueca with an interesting visit to its Museums:

The ‘Museum of Romanticism‘, which offers a global vision of art, history and the daily life in the Spain of the Romanticism period. In it you will find from Goya paintings to pieces of furniture, jewelry and objects of the reign of Fernando VII and Isabel II.

And the ‘Museum of History of Madrid‘ that tells the history of our city from its election as capital of the Monarchy in the sixteenth century until the first decades of the twentieth century.

New apartment: Pelayo I

Well, in the middle of this vibrant neighborhood, in the distinguished Pelayo Street, we have a beautiful apartment that offers in its 120 square meters an authentic and comfortable home with great doses of refinement and good taste.

High ceilings, precious and original moldings, imposing balconies and noble materials embrace a sophisticated interior design project where the most demanding customer will feel in the best of their refuges.

The great living boasts three well differentiated but connected areas for a convenient light flow: the sitting area presided by an old fireplace, the dining room crowned by a family lamp and the elegant kitchen, which doesn’t lack detail.

The private area features two double bedrooms with their own bathrooms.

The guest bedroom – doted of a work corner – offers the advantage that the bed can be either double or individual, according to the needs of the customer.

The master suite becomes a great space of peace and comfort after an intense day of work, shopping and fun in this neighborhood, the ‘Chueca District‘, unique in our city.

… escape with us!

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