The Salamanca District continues being the most valued neighborhood in Madrid, where Ivory Escapes was born almost 12 years ago and where we continue to make our best bet.

This is why our search in such a beloved neighborhood is always active and now we are happy to tell you we have just refurbished a very special apartment on a very familiar street – ‘Conde de Peñalver’ – the same where our office is located.

Conde de Peñalver III: Two perfectly differentiated spaces that create a perfect home

This 50-square-meter apartment features a central patio around which the U-shaped property goes, creating an intimate space, with everything you will need in a home.


The perfect living room in Salamanca neighborhood with everything you will need

On the right hand of the apartment, the spacious living boasts three connected but well differentiated areas: sitting room, kitchen and dining room. The original sofa will act as a common thread between them, since on the one hand it offers a great sofa for gatherings or ‘TV afternoons’ – and moreover it becomes a double bed for the occasional guest – while on the back it becomes a bench for the cozy dining room.

The sofa is made of a bright mustard color, which brings you into a really special space. The kitchen, which is situated in the same area, with it’s smooth colors, makes the perfect contrast and gives the space the balance needed.  Purple decorations and furniture give the lounge the ‘magic’ touch to be the most confortable and stylish space at this apartment in Salamanca Neighborhood.

An intimate suite, introduced by an stylish corridor

Two windows facing the patio provide the space with greater depth and a fresh feeling of ‘house with garden’. This is one of the best things this apartment has. A secret and private oasis in the center of Madrid.

On the other side of the patio rests the suite that also enjoys a couple of windows that confer that same pleasant feeling.

A beautiful mural behind the headboard gives this space a romantic and serene air, once again spiced up by the beautiful woodwork in a subtle aqua green tone.

The deeply though project of interior design gives every space a special touch. It can be seen even in the bathroom, decorated bearing in mind all details, as we can see on its original wicker lamp.

Infinity of details make of this apartment a unique and charming accommodation. A real and special home in the most demanded neighborhood of Madrid that you can enjoy with Ivory Escapes.

… escape with us!

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