A big house for a large family 

In the past, families coming to live to Madrid chose to live in the outskirts if they had children but they prefer the city centre more and more. The demand for big apartments (with more than 3 bedrooms) in the heart of the Salamanca District has become a need.

Thanks to the great service provided by the Madrilenian public transportation, life in this solicited neighbourhood becomes very easy without the need of owning a car.

Also, the different type of establishments is frankly very good: from small traditional businesses to big conventional stores; from small cosy cafes to international restaurants, without leaving out bars of all sorts both modern and traditional; from a small watch workshop to big luxury car authorised dealers; from a medical centre to a cosmetic surgery clinic… In short, there is no establishment that resists to this neighbourhood. A neighbourhood where everyone wants to live: from locals to foreigners.

Well, from IVORY ESCAPES we want to welcome all big families with this magnificent four bedroom family apartment in the heart of the Salamanca District, in the Don Ramón de la Cruz Street, in between Serrano and Velázquez.

Don Ramón de la Cruz _25_fachada

A profusion of design and comfort in an exclusive property prepared to host a demanding client that looks for quality, sophistication and good taste. All of this, with the commodities of a city centre apartment surrounded by the best stores and businesses.

This apartment represents the perfect balance between social, gastronomical and private life, thanks to its well studied refurbishment and interior design project. This has given special exquisiteness to the three spaces that pillar this home: living room, kitchen and master bedroom.

Everything in this kitchen will make the most demanding chef happy, especially the central island, which is accompanied by a bar to savour all of his or hers creations.

Don Ramón de la Cruz _12_cocina

Don Ramón de la Cruz _13_cocina

The living room, of generous proportions, offers two differentiated spaces. Both inviting and elegant to receive guests.

Don Ramón de la Cruz_03_salon

Don Ramón de la Cruz_04_salon

Don Ramón de la Cruz_06_salon

Don Ramón de la Cruz_07_comedor

Don Ramón de la Cruz_09_comedor

Don Ramón de la Cruz_10_salon
It’s proximity to the kitchen and other areas needed for a social function (entry hall and powder room) allow a good circulation in this noble part of the house, making it very functional and convenient.

Don Ramón de la Cruz _01

Don Ramón de la Cruz _11

Don Ramón de la Cruz_18_baño

The master bedroom is a true retreat where peace and quiet and natural light come to rest. Located at the end of the apartment and of generous proportions, offers an ideal space for personal relaxation and enjoyment. This is mostly because of its division in three very well differentiated and organized spaces.

The bedroom has a comfortable king size bed, a big flat screen television on the wall in front, and a work area under the large window.

Don Ramón de la Cruz_15_suite

An open and well lit walk in closet, thanks to a window, will indulge any client and keep every clothing item perfectly organized due to multiple shelves and railings.

Don Ramón de la Cruz_17_vestidor

To conclude, a large bathroom fully equipped with a shower completely independent from the bedrooms offers great privacy.

Don Ramón de la Cruz _21_baño

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