Malasaña is one of the traditional neighborhoods of Madrid that, in recent times, has undergone a great transformation, becoming one of the most eclectic and modern neighborhoods of the capital.

Malasaña’s history

When we talk about Malasaña, we talk about a neighborhood with history, whose name is due to Manuela Malasaña, a 17-year-old girl who died defending the city from French troops in the uprising of May 2nd, 1808.

The Plaza de 2 de Mayo constitutes the nerve center of the neighborhood. In 1808 in this square was located the Barracks of Monteleón, scene of bloody battles of the Independence War. Today, the arch of the square is all that remains of said barracks, and in front of it we find the monument to Daoiz and Velarde, the artillery officers who tried to defend it from the French troops.

Memorial Arch, '2 de Mayo' Square, Malasaña

Memorial Arch, ‘2 de Mayo’ Square, Malasaña. Credit:

This square is still the meeting point of several generations, where it is usual to see retirees chatting in a bench, young people enjoying the atmosphere of the neighborhood, and groups of friends cramming the modern terraces that proliferate in the area.

One of the hallmarks of the neighborhood is its eclectic and modern environment. In its streets tradition and modernity live in harmony, where bars, taverns and “lifelong” shops are mixed, with of design and alternative fashion stores, avant-garde cafes and trendy shops.

Antigua Casa Crespo, Madrid

Antigua Casa Crespo. Credit: Inspirock.

Dooc, Design & Decor Shop.

Dooc, Design & Decor Shop. Credit: Guía Repsol

Nightlife in Malasaña

During the 80s, Malasaña was the epicenter of the ‘movida madrileña’. Its alternative and rocker atmosphere, and the many clubs that became famous during the years of ‘la movida’ like ‘Penta or ‘La Vía Láctea’ (currently still open!), consecrated the neighborhood as one of the most frequented nightlife areas of Madrid.

Several decades later, Malasaña remains one of the areas par excellence to enjoy Madrid’s nightlie where the offer of bars, clubs and concert halls is wide, and for all tastes.

Coconut bar. Credit: 

Shopping in Malasaña

Another of the great attractions of Malasaña is its large commercial hub, being Fuencarral, one of the main shopping streets of the neighborhood. The commercial offer of Malasaña is wide, and is mainly focused on a young and alternative audience.

Today, the lovers of the vintage style will find in the area many shops that worship this retro style, which today still does not go out of fashion.


Flamingo Vintage. Credit:

Likewise, modern, bohemian and alternative stores proliferate in the area, where it is usual to see clothing and decor shops of new designers, comic stores, art galleries or modern bookstores where, in addition to buying a book, you can take a sit and have a coffee, hang out with friends, or read quietly.


Amen Madrid. Credit:


El moderno store. Credit: Guía Repsol

The flea markets have also made a place in the area. An example of it is ‘Adelita Market’, which is held in the square ‘2 de Mayo’ on the third Saturday of the month. Here you will find second-hand and decor objects, clothing or jewelry.

‘Ciento y pico’ is another trendy market, meeting point market for handicraft and design lovers.

Ciento y pico market

Ciento y Pico market. Credit:

We also find several markets where, in addition to acquiring fresh and quality products, there is a wide gastronomic, cultural and leisure offer. The San Ildefonso Market is the most avant-garde one, while the Barceló market or the Mostenses market are more traditional in nature.


San Ildefonso Market. Credit: Madrid Cool

Living in Malasaña

Thanks to its many attractions, the Malasaña neighborhood is increasingly demanded and chosen by many as a place of residence. If that is your case, and you would like to live in this modern and vibrant neighborhood, do not hesitate to contact us. We have a wide range of apartments in the area. Do not hesitate and enjoy life in Malasaña …escape with us!

Apartamentos en Malasaña

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