Madrid means history and culture, but we don’t always value and admire our city as much as we should. The initiative of ‘Madrid Otra Mirada’ brings us closer to the most magical and unknown places in the capital city, allowing us to know theaters, parks, museums… from other point of wiew.

What does ‘Madrid Otra Mirada’ means?

Madrid Otra Mirada is an initiative of the Area of Culture, Tourism and Sport of the City of Madrid. It allows us to know, first-hand, many buildings and emblematic places of Madrid. And best of all, every visit, guide and activity is completely free of charge.

MOM 2020 cartel oficial

Official poster of MOM 2020. Ayuntamiento de Madrid

The aim of this initiative is to get closer, both to Madrid and to tourists who come on those dates, another look at the culture and history of the capital. Through the visits and guides organized all along the city, you will discover details and stories which you had never imagined before. These tours include theaters, museums, parks and other landmarks of the capital.

How and when was MOM originated?

We can find the origin of this festival in 2012, as an initiative of the city council of Madrid. This one is the 8th edition.

palacio santa cruz mom 2020

Palacio de la Santa Cruz, photo from Santi Mendiola

What is now known as ‘The Great Festival of Madrid’s Cultural Heritage’ was born as an initiative that sought to bring Madrilenian people closer to their city, with guided tours of buildings and institutions that are usually closed to the public.

Over the years,  many other cultural activities have been added to the celebration.

8th Edition of ‘Madrid Otra Mirada’

This year, M’adrid otra Mirada’ has Benito Pérez Galdós as the main subject, as a tribute to the centenary of his death.

The most important topics of this year will be: ‘The most genuine Madrid of Galdós’ and ‘El Galdós more personal’, which will allow to know the writer and politician of the Canary Islands in a deeper way.

benito perez galdos retrato mom 2020

Benito Pérez Galdós, portrait made by Antonio Calvache (1915)

During the three days that the festival lasts, from October 16 to 18, and throughout the more than 120 organized activities, those who sign up to them will be able to know and tour places with history and great doses of culture.

Among the spaces that can be visited in this edition, all belonging to the 37 participating institutions, we can highlight the Museum of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the theater Circo Price or the House of Mexico in Spain. These are magnificent places that are usually closed for the citizenship.

News that you will find in MOM 2020

In addition to the 37 entities that already participated in this initiative in previous years, another 6 are joining: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the palaces of Santa Cruz and Viana, the Centro Cultural la Corrala-Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions, Matadero Madrid, the Museum of America, the Plaza Mayor and the Royal Salon of the Casa de la Panadería, and the Teatro La Estación.

Museo-Reina-Sofía mom 2020

Reina Sofía museum. Photo from:

This edition is an special year, due to the health crisis that we are going through worldwide, so many of the activities will see reduced the number of participants allowed. Of course, the use face masks will be mandatory for avery attendant. Only children under the age of 6 will be exempt.

In addition, throughout this edition, citizens will have the opportunity to sign up again to the topics included in the program ‘Pasea Madrid’. It includes three days of guided tours to places as magical as the Capricho Park bunker.

How to sign up and enjoy the free activities of MOM 2020

Tickets for all of these activities were launched on October 7 on the official website of the event and, within a few hours, were sold out. If you have run out of tickets, you will have to wait for the next edition the festival.

visita guiada bunker el capricho mom 2020

‘El Capricho’ entrance to the bunker. Photo from ttp://

Meanwhile, you can take a look at this year’s program of activities, which is available in downloadable format on the official website of the Madrid City Council.

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