The meninas return to the streets of the capital in one of the strangest and most complicated years in recent history, to give that point of joy and color that the city needs. Before telling you everything about the new exhibition, let’s get into a little more in the history of these famous meninas.

meninas madrid gallery 2020

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The origin of ‘Las Meninas’ by Diego Velázquez

In 1656, Diego Velázquez created this nuanced representation of life at the court of King Felipe IV of Spain. This masterpiece has become one of the most important in Western painting, influencing many of today’s artists.

The historical importance of Las Meninas

After almost 30 years working in the king’s court, Velázquez was commissioned to paint ‘Las Meninas’, which hung in the royal palace until 1819, at which point it was transferred to the Prado Museum.

The portrait was made in the painting studio of the well-known artist within the Real Alcázar of Madrid. Its importance in history lies in the reorganization that the painter made, placing  ‘Las meninas’ (the bridesmaids of Margarita Teresa of Austria) as the main characters.

In addition, in this new approach to the portrait, it is not clear at any time where its protagonists are looking at, giving rise to various theories and stories, as has happened with this work throughout history.


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How did the ‘Meninas Madrid Gallery’ come about 

As we already told you at the beginning of the first edition of the ‘Meninas Madrid gallery’, the goal of its author Antonio Azzato is to follow the legacy begun by Velázquez in his work.

A confessed admirer of the artist, he intends to make known the iconic style of transforming an everyday object into a work of art. For this, and thanks to the collaboration of various artists, the meninas are shown reinterpreted with the sensations that Madrid evokes to these designers.

First edition of the MMG 

In its first edition, held between April and July 2018, the largest outdoor exhibition in Meninas, it featured well-known artists such as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Jordí Mollá.


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As its creator explained, the dolls measuring almost 2 meters in height and customized by each of the collaborating artists, “We want it to be a tribute to diversity and freedom of expression through contemporary art in the city.”

Third edition of Meninas Madrid gallery 2020

In this rare and difficult year, the largest outdoor exhibition, as described by its creator, returns to invade the streets of the capital ‘we unite in solidarity and with the idea of ​​bringing joy and confidence back to the Madrid streets through art ‘.

This new opportunity to enjoy the famous meninas is a tribute to all the victims of the pandemic as well as to their family and friends, who have had to say goodbye, on many occasions, without being able to be near their loved ones.

The exhibition can be enjoyed from October 15 to December 15 in the most central streets of Madrid.

“The meninas go out to claim freedom, we all need to be free and we need to resume our normality again.”

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