IVORY ESCAPES has designed a line of apartments targeted to those students attending prestigious International Business Schools, such as the very well-known ‘IE Business School’, which is located between ‘Barrio de Salamanca’ and ‘El Viso’, just where most of IVORY ESCAPES properties are located.

 They are modern apartments, newly renovated, which feature all those elements that a senior student would need both in his academic and personal aspects.

They boast convenient study areas; well-designed lighting projects, suitable for long study hours; ample storage areas for their bulky luggage; and, of course, very comfortable and welcoming rooms to enjoy their stay in Madrid and to receive family and friends, to make their getaway much more enjoyable and endearing.

In the vicinity of ‘María de Molina Street’, we have among others these three ‘Junior Ivory Apartments’, with a capacity of 2 to 4 people, ideal for the students attending the IE Business School, which is only a few minutes away.

Balboa II 02

Velázquez 113_02

We all know that the quality of the rest time is fundamental when studying in an intensive way, so we don’t skimp when it comes to furnishing bedrooms. They boast large and fluffy beds, with storage area inside, essential when you leave away from home for periods of many months.

Balboa II 11

Velázquez 113_09

In spite that Business Schools offer magnificent facilities for the performance of their students’ work, it is necessary to provide these ‘Junior’ apartments with study corners, where they can make a final review.

Nuñez de Balboa 125 (II) Terraza - Provisional (12 de 14)

Velázquez 113_10

And of course they can´t miss cheerful living rooms with kitchen included, ideal to welcome friends.

Nuñez de Balboa 125 (II) Terraza - Provisional (9 de 14)

Velázquez 113_04

In addition, our ‘Junior’ clients will be able to dedicate themselves to their leisure and their studies, since our ‘Maintenance and General Services departments’ will ensure their apartment to be always impeccable so that they represent a true haven of peace and relaxation.

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… escape with us!

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