We here present now our latest addition: a very unique penthouse in the heart of Madrid, opposite to El Canal Sports Centre.

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In one property, we have brought together what we all dream of: height, brightness, views, space and … a real terrace!  Moreover, this has become the heart of the house since all the rooms sit around it. The living room with the dining area and the kitchen at the front, and the suites at both sides.

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The sitting room offers a cozy atmosphere around a sofa in neutral tones with splashes of bright colors, beside a youthful dining space by a modern kitchen  – fully equipped – where a bar with four seats allows snacks and quick meals. While these three areas occupy a unique space, they offer distinct environments, within a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

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Both suites are bright indeed thanks to the flow of light entering through the three windows available in each of them. The main bedroom with double bed and private bathroom.

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The second suite with two beds and a cheerful working area overlooking the terrace, with its bathroom in the hallway.

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As always, design and functionality have gone hand in hand in the project of this penthouse, whose main objective has been to highlight the terrace and maximize the surface with quality spaces to enjoy its main advantages: open air,  brightness and views.

Escape with us!

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