At the end of January, Ivory Escapes had the opportunity to participate at the International HR Meeting Fair, which was held on January 24th & 25th in IFEMA for the first time. It represents a meeting point for the experts of International Mobility and Relocation Management.

More than seventy companies participated this time. The attendees were able to attend to twenty interesting conferences with the main topics of the latest news in the International Human Resources Management.

The continuous growth of the companies’ internationalization has led to the relocation of numerous employees to other countries where their companies are developing their businesses. According to the information of ABG PERSONAS, a company specialized in international human resources and the organizer of the International HR Meeting, 200 of the main companies in Spain have approximately 12,000 employees who are temporarily relocated in other countries.

Among the issues discussed at the conferences were represented the potential impacts of Brexit on Spaniards working in the United Kingdom, and the expected changes with the arrival of the new US president, Donald Trump, that could affect the employees of Spanish Companies (Spanish or US residents) in the US.

For Ivory Escapes, it has been an excellent opportunity to meet with our regular partners, such as relocation agencies, and to strengthen the presence of our company in the highly increasing market of the luxury accommodation with hotel services included.

In addition, we were able to express the “Ivory” spirit in the decoration of our stand. We attracted the attention of the attendees with our particular decorative style and with the kindness of our sales team.

We are very satisfied with the results achieved and we look forward to seeing you at the next International HR Meeting in 2018.

… escape with us!


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