In response to the high demand for apartments in the capital’s financial center, IVORY ESCAPES ‘crosses’ the Castellana and starts operating in this area with this beautiful apartment, ideal for a demanding executive who values his time indeed and wishes to avoid long journeys to his office.

Next to the renown ‘Plaza de Cuzco’, it enjoys an enviable location, being in the same ‘Paseo de la Castellana’ and very close to the also well-known streets of ‘Alberto Alcocer’ and ‘Orense’.

Pº Castellana 121_25

The surroundings offer all kinds of services, shops and restaurants of prestigious chefs, which facilitate the day to day routine, since one can found practically everything needed, both for work and leisure.

Its strategic location (high floor) and its stunning windows allow one to enjoy incredible views over Madrid, with the ‘Paseo de la Castellana’ in the foreground. For the same reason, natural light floods all rooms, making this property a very attractive accommodation.

The layout of the apartment is also very interesting. It features a large and comfortable living room, with a dining room for 6 in the area closest to the kitchen, which is open to the large ‘living’.

Pº Castellana 121_02

The dining room boasts a solid wooden and iron table, accompanied by a wooden bench against the wall and three funny wooden chairs in front, creating an original and casual set.

Pº Castellana 121_07

Pº Castellana 121_10

Pº Castellana 121_09

Next to the large window, a working corner allows one to enjoy natural light for long hours.

A chromatic palette in neutral tones, highlighted by brushstrokes of a bold red, produces a very elegant and cheerful result at the same time.

Pº Castellana 121_03

Pº Castellana 121_05

Pº Castellana 121_08

Two double bedrooms with two bathrooms (the main one doted of shower) complete the plane of the house.

Pº Castellana 121_11

Pº Castellana 121_12

Upholstered headboards with rich fabrics, modern bedside tables, rich linens and cottons in the bedding … create a very serene atmosphere in both bedrooms, which enjoy of great natural light and tranquility, being perfectly isolated from the outside.

Pº Castellana 121_15

Pº Castellana 121_17

Pº Castellana 121_18

Pº Castellana 121_20

In addition, the building has an original project of interior design that makes it a very representative property, worthy of the neighborhood where it is located.

Undoubtedly, an outstanding property for an outstanding customer of Ivory Escapes

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