When summetime arrives we use to change our clothes, our livestile and also the decoration at our home. We normaly change to lighter and colorful fabrics which can give us a fresher look and sense. And that habit can be also used at home. That is one of the main goals of the newbrand trend knonw as ‘Home staging’.

The ‘Home staging’ trend consists of the ‘staging’ of our houses for the new season. That way, we will bring out the maximum brightness and comfort of each space of the apartment.

What kind of elements does the ‘Home staging’ include?

When talking about this trend, it is not necessary to change all the furniture and decorative items that the house already has. This means the combination of all of them with new ones in each season to give the our homes a ‘new look’. In order to do that combination with the best results, we should make an analysis of the spaces and items we already have.

In most cases, it is enough to cover a wall with painted paper, to replace some curtains, or to add some colorful cushions. Also, a modern lamp or any other decorative element that draws our attention and breaks with the monotony of a space simply right.


Dining space in Principe de Vergara IV apartment


Modern Lamp in Castelló IV

The cushion covers are really helpfull thing and also a cheap one. We can use different ones depending on the season we are during the year. We can choose into many different colours and textures.


Colorfull living room at General Díaz Porlier III

Another decorative element which can be included into this trend are the flowers. Normally we choose cold colors like white simple flowers during the winter. By contrast we have so many colorful flowers we can use during the spring and summertiem like roses, dahlias or zinnias. Hence,  we will get a really special feel.

Finally, a ligth and colorful carpet can be the perfect component of a refreshed house. That is why we should forget the heavy carpets from the ‘Real Fábrica’ and get new ones. Natural materials such as bambu or jute can be our best friends.


Fresh carpet at Gran vía II

We are already in August but, with this tips we will have enough time to give our houses a summer point.

Let’s do it and… Escape with us!



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