In Ivory escapes August is one of the more intense months of the year. Annually, during this month we receive several rental request from expatriates who come to live in Madrid. The duration of these rentals goes from the 6 to the 18 months.

We have been dedicated to the short-term rentals with complementary services for more than 10 years now, and that is why we know what our clients look for: a home away from home. Many of them have spent most part of their working lives in hotels and they now flee from those cold and impersonal places which can be so lonely.


In Ivory Escapes we try to offer experiences and that is why our apartments are unique and special places. The expatriates will feel truly comfortable and at home, even if they are away from their own.

Which kind of services do we have for the Expatriates? 

In our company, three departments get involved when refurbishing and decorating our apartments:  Design, Sales and General Services. Every apartment has a contemporary and stylish interior design project (Design). Also, they must be very confortable and full equipped (Sales), as well as easy to maintain (General Services).


At Ivory Escapes we strive to make each client feel unique and to provide them with an exceptional experience.

We take care of the maintenance of our apartments, so that the expatriate customer dedicates himself to his work without any other concern. Of course, our main goal is that they can enjoy their house the most.


Most of our expat executives travel alone, but some of them do it with their families. Wherefore, in Ivory Escapes we offer apartments from 1 to 5 bedrooms, to cover the different needs of our customers.

Our sales executives will advise our customers taking into account  the location of their work place, their needs and their preferences. That way, they will present the expats the best proposal according to their circumstances.

The supply of our sales department is full of services. For example,  it covers everything from basic cleaning, laundry and maintenance services, to the organization of a dinner at home. In addition, we can arrange the pick-up at the airport or organize trips. Of course, the mail goal is the advisory on the available offer in Madrid under request.


With all the staff ready and full of enthusiasm for the entry of the new ‘course’, we await the arrival of our beloved expatriates.

escape with us!

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