This year has been anomalous in every way: virus, confinement, a ‘new normal’ and a return to the first step… but the illusion that is breathed in the Christmas season is inevitable and more so in Madrid and with the beautiful Christmas lights that will illuminate the streets of the capital from November 27th.

An especial Christmas but with plenty of lights in Madrid

Throughout the month of December and a few days in November and January, lights of all types and colors will flood the city. Squares, streets and buildings will be illuminated with millions of light bulbs that will give the capital the Christmas touch that will make it, if possible, more special.

Lighting of the Christmas lights in Madrid 2020

The lighting of the Christmas lights in the capital will take place this year on Friday, November 27th at 7:30 in the afternoon. This time, which may seem early, is perfect, since the short days allow it to be perfectly night at that time.

Madrid’s streets will remain lit and decorated with all the Christmas spirit until next January 6, the Three Wise Men’s Day. Then, Christmas will be officially off.

News in the Christmas lighting of the capital

This year, following last year’s organization, there will be some 210 decorated sites in the capital. It will be between these places that the lights and Christmas trees that have already been used in past years are distributed.

As a novelty, the large groups of lights that form a large flag of Spain stand out in the areas of Nuevos Ministerios, Rubén Darío, Joaquín Costa, Colón and the Prado-Recoletos axis.

luces de navidad en las calles madrileñas

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As a tourist attraction, it is worth highlighting the great Christmas ball that once again illuminates the beginning of Madrid’s Gran Vía. Like last Christmas, this 12-meter diameter ball offers shows that combine light and sound with a duration of 6 minutes.

We also highlight the large 10-meter Menina, belonging to the MOM 2020, installed in the central Plaza de Colón.

Of course, the now traditional Christmas fir trees made up of thousands of lights will also be distributed through the most central and prominent areas of the capital.

The best plans to do in Madrid in the month of December

Although it has already been confirmed that certain activities that gathered, every year, thousands of people, such as the parades of the districts, are going to be suspended, there are many other activities available to enjoy Christmas in Madrid.

Enjoy the Christmas lights from ‘Naviluz’

The one known as “the Christmas bus” has not confirmed its celebration this year. This bus is one of the best ways to travel the streets of the capital to see all the Christmas decorations at a stroke.


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In past editions, its route began in Serrano Street, right next to Puerta de Alcalá and ended in the previously named Plaza de Colón.

If it finally takes place this year, what we can be sure of is that the security measures and its capacity will make it a difficult task to get a ticket.

The lights of the botanical garden of Madrid

Last year the first edition of the light show was held, which took place in a magical location: The Botanical Garden of Madrid.

el jadin botanico luces magicas

After the success of the last edition, this time the exhibition returns with ‘La naturaleza encendida‘ since November 17.

As its name indicates, the central element of this year will be nature, both the flora already present, as well as the fauna in the form of a luminous being that comes to stay until next January 10th.

More than a million led lights linked by about 30 km of wiring will be the culprits of filling the botanical garden with light and color during the month of December.

luces de navidad del jardin botanico_

This year the edition will be sharped by the corresponding safety measures: temperature measurement, the obligation to wear a mask and a safety distance along the entire route.

Of course, Madrid is the city that never sleeps and is always active… and it was not going to be less this Christmas! A multitude of plans and activities are available to do during the month of December, even in this strange year.

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