The best rooftops of Madrid (Part I)

With the arrival of the summer, the rooftops become the most frequented leisure places. Who does not like to spend an evening in the heights, enjoying the mild temperatures […]

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Gastroletras 2018, cinema and gastronomy festival in Madrid

The Neighborhood of Las Letras hosts the third edition of the festival Gastroletras, which will take palce until March 18th, 2018. The theme of this year is the cinema, and therefore, […]

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Plans to enjoy Christmas in Madrid

We are already fully immersed in December and Christmas is just around the corner; We can feel the Christmas spirit in the atmosphere of the city. As every year, Madrid offers numerous plans […]

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Madrid’s best museums

Madrid is culturally very rich city and offers many options of museums and exhibition halls which you can visit. We propose a selection of some of our favorites excluding […]

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Wine tourism and cellars in Madrid

Today we will talk about wine tourism and cellars in Madrid. Wine tourism is related to gastronomic and cultural tourism and is centered in the areas where the wine […]

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