‘Las Meninas’ take the streets of the capital again, this time with a special dedication for covid victims

The meninas return to the streets of the capital in one of the strangest and most complicated years in recent history, to give that point of joy and color […]

Take another look at the most magic places in Madrid, included in MOM 2020

Madrid means history and culture, but we don’t always value and admire our city as much as we should. The initiative of ‘Madrid Otra Mirada’ brings us closer to […]

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Malasaña, the neighborhood where modernity and tradition live in harmony

Malasaña is one of the traditional neighborhoods of Madrid that, in recent times, has undergone a great transformation, becoming one of the most eclectic and modern neighborhoods of the […]

Leisure plans to enjoy the summer in Madrid

At this point of the summer, some have not gone yet on vacation, and others are already back. If, for some reason, you are one of those that are […]

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Casa Corona, a paradise in the city

After the success of the past editions, once again Casa Corona has captivated Madrid. It is one of the most fashionable terraces of the capital, which offers a comprehensive cultural […]

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