From an old and gloomy apartment, to a modern one…

Today we show you the latest reform that our Projects Department has conducted. It is a complete refurbishment in an apartment located in Salamanca district.

When we satarted the project, we found out the apartment was very old, it was deteriorated, and its distribution wasn’t rational. We had a big challenge ahead, but our team doesn’t resist any project, therefore, we decided to start with a clean slate and, literally, ‘pull the house down’.

Our main goal was to turn the apartment into a cozy, and convenient place, with a smart and functional distribution. In order to do this, the best option was to completely empty the space partitions and installations, and start building from scratch.

The initial distribution we encountered was as follows: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and a living room that was being used as a bedroom.

Given the size of the apartment (40m2), we chose to leave one large bedroom with a bathroom en suite, and use the remaining space as living room with an open kitchen.

The great height of the ceilings, which reaches 4 meters, was one of the strong points, since it helped to create a feeling of more spaciousness.

To give the apartment a larger width, we decided to unite the kitchen and the living room, from where you can also access to the private patio, creating this way a large space.

The interior design and decoration project has been another key to this refurbishment. We wanted to give a modern and urban air to the apartment, so we used high quality materials, exposed brick walls, and designer furniture with an industrial style.

One of the things we wanted to give priority to was the walls’ lining. To achieve this modern New York style, we decided to leave one wall of the living room with exposed brick, creating an industrial style.

In the bathroom, we also used exposed brick walls, but in this case, whitewashed to convey a sense of cleanliness. To coat the floor, we used microcement, that fits perfectly in a modern home, and offers a very special finish.

The lighting project, with a very complex installation, can regulate the desired intensity of light in each of the rooms, depending on the occasion and the time of day. It also allows to change the type of light: white (daylight) to enhance the effect of daylight; or warm (night light), more pleasant for evening hours.

To conclude, we wanted to take advantage of the outdoor private patio, including cheerful and simple furniture, plants, and colorful decorative elements, giving the place a cheerful and ethnic style. Perfect for cozy evenings.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, take a look to the photo gallery ‘before and after the refurbishment’.

Kitchen before

DSC_0119 Cocina

Kitchen after

Cocina después

Living room before

DSC_0127 Salón antes

DSC_0130 Salón antes

Living room after

C. Peñalver 54-2_02 Salón después

Salón después

Bedroom before

DSC_0125 Dormitorio antes

Bedroom after

C. Peñalver 54-2_05 Dormitorio después


Bathroom before

DSC_0140 Baño antes

Bathroom after

C. Peñalver 54-2_06 Baño después

C. Peñalver 54-2_07

Patio before

DSC_0123 Patio antes

Patio after

C. Peñalver 54-2_09 Patio después

If you’re thinking about making a refurbishment, you can send us an email to [email protected] We will be happy to assist.

… Escape with us!

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