‘Barrio de Justicia’ has surprised us in recent years with an incredible transformation of its buildings and stores. In fact, it has become one of the most demanded neighborhoods, both by local and foreign population, who look for a distinguished but singular neighborhood, where you can eat original tapas and new recipes, buy unique items in fabulous and exclusive stores or get lost in its winding streets, which never cease to amaze the visitor with each shop window or façade.

In the most exclusive area of this amazing neighborhood we have a magnificent manor apartment, in the beautiful ‘Bárbara de Braganza Street’, next to the distinguished ‘Plaza de las Salesas’, in the heart of ‘Barrio de Justicia’.

The apartment is located in a beautiful building which features a classic façade and several balconies all along it, conferring the apartment a fantastic natural light, one of the most demanded elements when looking for a residence.

Take a look to the interior of this manor apartment

In its more than 200 square meters, this apartment of ‘Barrio de Justicia’ offers a luxury home to a large family of up to 7 people, as it boasts 4 bedrooms with their respective bathrooms.

Undoubtedly, the noble area of the property comes to be a space of great representativeness for that diplomat, executive or businessman looking for a manor but contemporary apartment, to receive guests with assiduity.

The living room has been divided into two environments, that can be joined or kept well differentiated thanks to solid sliding doors.

The living area boasts two spaces: firstly, a work area, decorated with ‘vintage’ furniture from an antique shop and, secondly, the sitting area, composed of a large sofa and two armchairs, around a modern glass and steel table, which repeats the dominant elements in the dining room.

A large design table presides over the last one, endowing it with great strength and personality, accompanied by a modern lamp and decorative paintings that make of the whole a very sophisticated and special space.

A soft chromatic palette – based on the range of blues and ochres – brings elegance and achieves very suggestive results.

Likewise, the kitchen offers very generous dimensions for the necessary logistics in a property of these characteristics. It has been equipped with furniture of top design, perfectly integrated into the interior design project. In addition, it features a cheerful dining table, very practical for day to day.

To maximize the flow of light and provide more spacious spaces, amazing doors of iron and glass separate kitchen and living room, which undoubtedly favor both environments.

The private area of the apartment is a real haven of peace.

Three double bedrooms and a single one make this Salesas apartment a perfect accommodation for a large family.

The master suite boasts three large areas for total comfort. A generous dressing room, equipped with countless wardrobes, connects the bedroom with the bathroom, which has also been divided into three spaces for greater comfort.

The master-room has been equipped with a large four-poster bed and a classic fireplace, which confers a very homelike atmosphere.

In addition, noble materials in floors, structures and bathrooms complete the superb quality of this unique property.

Sophisticated wallpapers in bedrooms, rich fabrics in curtains, headboards and bedding, original bedside tables and lamps, endow this exclusive Salesas apartment of ‘Barrio de Justicia’ with a very special flavor and color.

Undoubtedly… a property tailored for a unique, sophisticated and very demanding customer.

… escape with us!

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