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Seasonal rental: The great alternative to tourist rental in times of pandemic

As a result of the COVID pandemic and the tremendous setback that the tourism sector has suffered in Spain, the operators and owners of tourist apartments have been forced […]

We start September with 4 new apartments in Malasaña

After very complicated months where we have had to face a global pandemic and adapt to the new circumstances, we are back on the new course with great enthusiasm […]

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When solidarity crosses borders

A few months ago, none of us imagined the tremendous crisis that was coming.
The coronavirus pandemic has left images that we will never forget. Thousands of people affected, hundreds […]

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Working from home: Tips for creating a suitable workspace

Due to the serious health crisis we are going through, most companies have had to adapt rapidly to the current circumstances, and many of us have taken up working […]

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Letters during coronavirus crisis

Letter from a nurse
Good Morning,

My name is Leonor, I am a nurse at Hospital la Paz, working in one of the COVID-19 ICUs that have been enabled. I am […]

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