One of the most enviable things about Spain is the warm weather that we can enjoy during most part of the year. Therefore, when renting an apartment, terraces become one quite valuable and sought item.

As a result in Ivory Escapes, we are incorporating more apartments that provide customers with delightful terraces and gardens.


Garden in a chalet in Fernández Cancela

For a terrace to be a beautiful and nice space where one can enjoy himelf and have a good time, not much space is required. Obviously, the bigger the space is, the better. But do not get despised by smaller spaces where one can breathe. As long as we have a good exterior decoration project which takes into account the dimensions of the terrace, everything is possible. Like this, we will have a wonderful and practical space that is always an advantage.

Here you have some of the apartments included in our portfolio which feature a terrace or garden. These are unique and exclusive properties, smartly furnished. They feature exterior spaces, especially useful to enjoy the summertime.

Ivory Escape’s apartments with terraces or patios in the center of Madrid

Salamanca’s neighbourhood:




Jorge Juan I


Don Ramón de la Cruz II

Chamberí’s neighbourhood:

Agustín de Betancourt

Ríos Rosas I

Retiro’s neighbourhood:

Reina Cristina I


Reina Cristina I

Chamartín’s neighbourhood:


Francisco Suárez I


Interior patio in Nervión


Castellana III

Apartments with a garden in the center of the city

If we want to enjoy even more luxurious items on a property, having a garden in the center of Madrid, is something quite exclusive and difficult to find. This can be said about these properties that we manage in the Chamartín area:


Fernández Cancela I


Garden in Darro II


Garden and Swimingpool in Darro

If you are looking for an apartment to rent with such characteristics, do not hesitate to contact us sending an email to [email protected] and…

Escape with us!

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