Is it possible to enjoy the advantages of living in a five-star apartment in the outskirts, but in the center of Madrid?

The answer is yes!!! And if not, please have a look at this newly refurbished apartment in ‘Barrio de Chamartin’, next to ‘Paseo de la Habana’.

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In a 100 square meter surface, this one-bedroom apartment is a real treat for that discerning customer who can afford to live in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the capital, enjoying all the advantages offered by the suburban housing estates: green areas, garage in the same building, swimming pool, gym …


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When we first got in, we found a beautiful ‘white box’, with a wonderful white marble floor in the hall, living room and bathroom, and immaculate white walls throughout the house.

The structure and qualities of this five-star apartment were so exceptional and the views so amazing that we decided to opt for an interior design project of simple shapes and pure materials, where comfort was the main goal, that allowed to enjoy the original excellences of the property.

Wood, iron, rattan, linen and cotton were the chosen elements for the living room and the terrace.

Stone and mink tones would be the ones that would dress the whole property, leaving the white color of the floor and walls (reinforced by the great brightness of the whole house) to remain the dominant color.

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We continued advancing and we found a real suite of generous dimensions to accommodate a king size bed, apart from a reading corner and a bright work area next to the window. The chromatic palette continued to use the same colors, which in this case were contrasted by the warmth and intense tone of the solid wood of the floor.

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The private bathroom followed the same premises of the rest of the house: breadth, quality and priority to the white color. Its generous dimensions allowed to compartmentalize it to give it greater functionality and above all intimacy. The large shower cabin on one side and the toilet and bidet cabin on the other, leaving he main area for the the large vanity and the bathtub.

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And finally the fully equipped kitchen, in which a light wood finishing was chosen to bring that touch of warmth too. In addition, it was equipped with a covered terrace for the laundry (provided with washing machine and dryer), ideal to keep clothes away from kitchen odors.

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Undoubtedly, a true whim for that demanding customer who seeks quality, comfort and five-star apartment services without leaving the capital.

… escape with us!

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