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IVORY HOMES: The ‘Ivory’ Real Estate Company

After 10 years of experience in the Real Estate sector of Luxury short-term rentals, we launch IVORY HOMES. Finally, we can offer that service that our investor customers have […]

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Luxury and comfort together in this home at Chamartín District

A walk through the history of Chamartín district
The district of Chamartín was originally a town near Madrid, called ‘Chamartín de la Rosa’. The town belonged  to the Dukes of […]

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Elegance and exclusivity come together in the Barrio Salamanca

Nowadays, Barrio Salamanca, besides being one of the most elegant and exclusive residential neighborhoods in Madrid, has become one of the most important commercial areas of the city.
Traditionally, the […]

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IVORY DESIGN: Full color interior design projects for every budget

IVORY DESIGN, the new Arquitecture & Interior Design Department of IVORY ESCAPES, has come stomping to the Madrid interior design market with its custom-made refurbishment projects: Tell me how you live […]