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The best rooftops of Madrid (Part I)

With the arrival of the summer, the rooftops become the most frequented leisure places. Who does not like to spend an evening in the heights, enjoying the mild temperatures […]

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Castelló VI: the newest incorporation to our portfolio in Salamanca District

The most repeated words when looking for luxury apartments in Madrid are ‘Salamanca District’ and two of the most repeated terms are ‘bright’ and ‘terrace’. Well … this beautiful apartment […]

The real estate market recovers, and increases the purchase housing as an investment

For some time now, the real estate market in Spain, and more specifically in large cities such as Madrid, has been significantly reactivated.
The report of the Real Estate Market’s […]

Velázquez X: New apartment in Barrio Salamanca

In the ‘Madrid Golden Mile’ stands this cozy one-bedroom apartment, in a representative building of Barrio Salamanca.

The importance of the interior design project
The interior design project of the apartment […]

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