Do you have to stay this summer in Madrid? Do not worry, today we propose 10 leisure plans to go out and enjoy the summer in Madrid.

1. Park routes:

In Madrid we are very lucky for having many green areas and large parks to enjoy an urban picnic, a sunbathe, practice outdoor sports or taking long walks. Here is a selection of our favorite parks:

  • The Retiro Park: The most famous park in Madrid. It has 118 hectares of gardens, a park with statues, many monuments and the lake, one of the great attractions of the park, where you can rent a small boat. The ‘Crystal Palace’ is one of the most representative places of the park, where you will have the opportunity to see an exhibition of art, as it is one of the venues of the Reina Sofia museum.
The Retiro Park - Picture property of

The Retiro Park – Picture property of

  • El Capricho Park: One of the great unknowns of Madrid, but its beauty is unmatched. The highlights of the park are the Plaza de El Capricho, the Palace, the pond, the Emperors’ square, or the fountain of the Dolphins and the Frogs. If you still haven’t been there, go to the area of Alameda de Osuna and dive in this garden, which is part of the natural and artistic heritage of Madrid.
El Capricho - Foto propiedad de

El Capricho – Foto propiedad de

  • The Sabatini Gardens: The Sabatini Gardens are one of the parks preferred by locals and tourists due to its beauty and its central location. If you have the opportunity, we recommend you to watch the sunset from the pond. It will not leave you indifferent!
Jardines de Sabatini - Foto propiedad de

Jardines de Sabatini – Foto propiedad de

2. Summer Cinemas

With the arrival of the warm weather Madrid welcomes different summer cinemas scattered throughout the city. If you do not want to miss a good movie under the stars, take a look at our ‘definitive summer cinemas guide in Madrid‘.

3. Official guided tours  

For those who want to know the delights of Madrid by professional guides, available in several languages, and in a different and fun context, the city of Madrid offers 40 weekly routes. Choose yours and … rediscover Madrid!

4. Madrid Río

Madrid Rio park, located on both sides of the Manzanares River, is one of the favorite parks of Madrid. It has 30 kilometers of bicycle paths, children’s play areas, spaces for adults, and more than 250,000m2 for sports use. Its central location and the good transport conections makes it very accessible. In short, one of the places of Madrid that you can not miss in the summer (nor in winter!).

Madrid Río - Foto propiedad de

Madrid Río – Foto propiedad de

5. ‘El Matadero’ Madrid

Matadero Madrid has become one of the cultural references of the capital, where all forms of artistic expression are housed. It is open during the whole year, but during the summer they have a special program that takes place outdoors, in the Plaza Maravilla. Fun is guaranteed! Check out the full program of July and August here.

6. Natural pools 

There is no beach in Madrid… “so what?”. That’s the answer that anyone from Madrid will tell you. And, even though Madrid does not have beach, it can boast being surrounded by an enviable natural environment where you can have a swim and enjoy nature.

  • ‘Las Presillas’ in Rascafría: Less than an hour by car from Madrid centre, we found ‘Las Presillas’ of Rascafría. They are 3 natural pools surrounded by greenery and a large pine forest. It is the perfect place to go to spend the day and take shelter from Madrid’s hot summer days.
Las Presillas, Rascafría - Foto propiedad de

Las Presillas, Rascafría – Foto propiedad de

  • La charca verde, in ‘La Pedriza’: The Natural Park of La Pedriza is one of the most beautiful areas of the Sierra de Madrid, and every week receives many hikers, climbers, and ramblers who come to disconnect and enjoy an enviable natural environment. During the summer one of its great attractions is ‘Las Charca Verde’, a large natural pool surrounded by rocks and vegetation, ideal for cooling off on the hot summer days.
La Charca verde, La Pedriza - Foto propiedad de

La Charca verde, La Pedriza – Foto propiedad de

  • San Juan Marsh: Located in San Martin de Valdeiglesias, on the edge of the Sierra de Gredos, we find San Juan’s Marsh. It has 14km of beaches, where you can take a bath, practice motorized water activities and water sports. A real inland beach!
Pantano de San Juan - Foto propiedad de

Pantano de San Juan – Foto propiedad de

7. ‘Los Veranos de la Villa’

‘Los Veranos de la Villa’ have become a classic of the summer in Madrid. With a complete program ranging from theater performances, concerts, dance, flamenco… they enliven the warm nights of July and August. This year’s cultural program will be held in Madrid Río at the entrance of the ‘Casa de Campo’, between the ‘Palacio de los Vargas’ and the ‘Huerta de la partida’. This new space will be called the Puente del Rey.

8. Theme Parks

During the holidays, theme parks are often the favorite plan of children (and also the favorite of the ones not that young!). Among the wide range of theme parks we highlight:

9. Terraces route

‘Terracing’ almost becomes national ‘sport’ at this time of the year, and Madrid offers a wide range of options. In this sense, we recomend the terraces route proposed by the magazine HSM: 20 great places to drink a cocktail, eat some tapas, and enjoy the best views of the capital.

Terraza Hotel Óscar, madrid - Foto propiedad de

Terraza Hotel Óscar, madrid – Foto propiedad de

10. Ice Bar Madrid

To finish our guide of leisure plans we suggest a very refreshing plan, the Ice Bar Madrid, one of the largest ice bars in the world, where even the bar is made of ice. An original and very tempting plan, especially considering the high temperatures at this time of year. In addition, besides drinking a nice cold drink, they have a shop, and its theme is the North Pole, where the more adventurous can hire trips, excursions and expeditions, or buy some of the exclusive products they offer.

Ice Bar Madrid - Foto propiedad de Rafael Ruiz Fuentes

Ice Bar Madrid – Foto propiedad de Rafael Ruiz Fuentes

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