It was the end of January of 2018 when we first stepped into Ivory Group’s new office.

A dream fulfilled after 9 years of struggle, setbacks, joys and, above all, infinite enthusiasm for our goal.

A dream that began in 2009 with the idea of offering a service barely known in our country: homes ‘with soul’ for those expatriates assigned to Madrid for periods of less than a year, providing them with all the services of a 5 star hotel.

That was my dream! I have always had a vocation for service. I like people. I like to work with people. I like to see people happy and enjoying their circumstance and their environment. But also, I could develop here my great passion: interior design, which together with the vocation of Mariano (my partner and above all my husband!) for the search of opportunity in the real estate sector and for refurbishment projects, would turn our common dream into a reality that no-one could stop.

Can you imagine managing a portfolio of 15 houses?’ I would say when we started with two small apartments in the Salamanca district.

We were not in a hurry; we did not have a number in mind. Our goal was to consolidate a portfolio (15, 20 …) of unique apartments in ‘Barrio de Salamanca’, served with a first class service.

The 15th apartment arrived and – with it – the need to count on a good team, with a financial director, a webmaster, a maintenance and cleaning coordinator, a sales manager …

Ivory Group

Ivory Group

Calls arrived from embassies, multinationals, relocation agencies … They wanted our apartments! It was then when we decided to bet on growing to another step and, in addition, we had to get out of Barrio de Salamanca, where we were like ‘fish in the water’, since our customers demanded open spaces, terraces, garage in the same building. We decided then to take the step towards the adjoining neighborhoods: Retiro, Justicia, Chamberí and Chamartín.

We already had 70 apartments and the equipment grew even faster than the property portfolio. One employee for every four apartments! We had to maintain our level of service: ‘Ivory service’.

Such was the volume of refurbishment and interior design projects, that the need arose to set up our own internal design projects’ team, who understood the needs of an ‘Ivory property’ from its foundations. This is how IVORY DESIGN & PROJECTS came about, where architects, interior designers and stylists work side by side – in close relationship with the sales department – so that each property remains unique and meets all those requirements that our exquisite clientele demands.

Ivory Design

Ivory Design

Well, just about to turn 10 (in September!¡) and to round out our portfolio with the number of 150 properties, we continue with the same enthusiasm as in 2009, creating homes with soul, where our customers will feel as good as in their own home.

Thank you for being with us throughout this journey, accompanying us with our dream …

… escape with us!

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