A few days ago the Telemadrid tv show “Está pasando” came to visit us at one of our most unique apartments.

As we all know, the real estate market is in a moment of change in. Specifically, the rental market has experienced several price fluctuations throughout the year. The mass tourism, and the high demand of properties for rent in central areas of the large cities are some of the reasons for this price increase.

However, there is another business area within the real estate market. We are talking about the luxury rentals. There is a customer segment with a purchasing power well above the average. This type of client is willing to pay very high rental prices, in exchange for living in unique properties, in an unbeatable location, and with a wide portfolio of personalized services at his disposal.

This is the case of the property José Ortega y Gasset III, where we received a visit from the Telemadrid tv show ‘Está pasando’. We are talking about an impressive apartment of 200 square meters, located on the Golden Mile of Madrid, whose modern project of interior architecture and decoration, won’t leave you indifferent.

You can watch the interview here:

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