The cobbler should stick to his last“…. very accurate expression! When you need to get something done in an area that you do not master, there is nothing better than putting it in the hands of that professional expert in that field who will maximize resources and optimize time.

At Ivory Design we count on a team of professionals (architects, interior designers and stylists) who will manage everything from a simple facelift of your property to a total refurbishment work, at very competitive rates and in a tight period of time.

Ivory Design Team

At the time of undertaking a refurbishment work with redistribution of the space, it is essential to put yourself in the hands of an architect who will study every possibility of distribution of the surface. It is there that it is worth making an investment, since a good professional will be able to make the most of the space available, enhancing the flow of natural light and favoring the circulation inside de place.

If this property is also going to be allocated to the rental market, it will be necessary to consider another factors, such as functionality, comfort and maintenance. Here is where the interior designer will have the opportunity to develop his profession proposing elements that will maximize the capacity of accommodation, always in balance with comfort and endurance. It is necessary to choose durable materials – easy to clean and maintain –  but at the same time they must have a noble and contemporary look. An art that our interior designers master to perfection.

In the case of Ivory Group, when an apartment for short term rental is refurbished – mainly focused on expats –  there are three teams that intervene in the refurbishment project: design, general services and sales.

Ivory Group

The sales’ team of Ivory Escapes will be the one that will determine the wishes of our clients: size and type of bed, dimensions and kind of TV’s, type of appliances in the kitchen, necessary elements in bathrooms, pieces of furniture preferred …

Ivory Escapes Team

The general services’ team, Ivory Services, will be the one that defines, in collaboration with the interior designers, the most suitable materials for a good maintenance and durability of furniture and upholstery.

Ivory Services Team

Finally, the team of Ivory Design is the one that combines all these parameters so that the final result will be a functional and comfortable property, contemporary and unique in design.

Ivory Design Team

The job of a good interior designer is not to make a project to suit him, but to put himself in the eyes of the client to carry out a superb project so that he feels like a duck to water.

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