New apartment in MIGUEL ÁNGEL

The Ivory Escapes tenants profile is a “foreign high execute, employee of multinationals, relocated to Madrid for a period between 6 and 12 months”.

This client isn’t a candidate for a hotel or an empty apartment, but rather for a fully equipped and furnished apartment with hotel services, this is exactly what offers IVORY ESCAPES.

The company employing this person has an interest in his employee being motivated and giving the best of him during his stay in Spain. This is reason why the company turns to an agent specialized in furnished apartments, that have special properties and that respond to any needs of the tenant.

Here are few examples of the kind of apartment that this client would choose.

One-bedroom apartment with a fully equipped kitchen, open to the living room, very bright and situated in the “prime” areas, like Almagro (in the Chamberí District).

Miguel Ángel 3_01

This apartment is located in a former hotel in the Chamberí District that was transformed in an apartment building. This gives it a grand entrance.

 Miguel Ángel 3_19

Miguel Ángel 3_15

Miguel Ángel 3_17

The usual Ivory Escapes tenant spends a lot of time at work; this is why he or she appreciates comfort and tranquility when coming home.

Miguel Ángel 3_09

Miguel Ángel 3_08

The kitchens are usually open to the living room, where it is easy to receive friends and family. Ivory Escapes’ homes are always hospitable; like the tenants they welcome..

Miguel Ángel 3_06

For this reason, the living room will always have a very comfortable sofa bed, where it is possible to take in that intimate friend that will visit you wherever you go

Miguel Ángel 3_02

For the expatriate, the television is a great companion; this is why our apartments are equipped with large “Smart TV” screens in the living room but also in the bedroom.

Miguel Ángel 3_03

The bedrooms have to be a stronghold of tranquility and comfort. We always look for the quiet areas in the house to locate them and we give them the most possible storage space, because our tenants never travel light.

Miguel Ángel 3_10 SIN TRIPODE
Miguel Ángel 3_12

The bathrooms are always well thought of also. Our tenants appreciate large bathrooms, with big showers, storage space, large mirror and good light.

Miguel Ángel 3_13 NO TRIPODE

Miguel Ángel 3_14

The wallpaper is a great allied for these spaces, giving them warmth and a touch of color.

The chromatic pallet in the decoration project is fundamental since it influences in the state of mind of the tenant.

The combination of black and white with red touches never fails. The white brings serenity, the black elegance and sobriety and the red, love and energy.

This apartment is without doubt a great candidate for the Ivory Escapes tenants that look for something more than a house…

… escape with us!

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