With the emblematic Italian Embassy as an eminent neighbor, this stunning apartment of 200 square meters and 3 bedrooms offers an outstanding residence for a very demanding client looking for location, exceptional views, plenty of natural light and an interior design project of extraordinary quality.

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From its windows – on a fifth floor – it enjoys of very unique views in the heart of the capital.

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For location and characteristics, it could perfectly be the residence of a diplomatic client, who seeks representativeness and exclusivity. The living room boasts a pleasant sitting area around a modern fireplace, flanked by two large sofas.

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A working area completes this atmosphere, with a beautiful oriental-cut desk.

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The social area features too a beautiful dining room where a modern square table will be the center of joyful meals among relatives and friends.

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The kitchen, perfectly furnished and equipped, is just opposite the dining room, which will provide an agile service of catering, so necessary in residences of diplomatic staff. An ample bar for four people allows quick meals in a very cozy setting.

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The private area of the apartment boasts three double bedrooms. Antiquarian pieces for the headboards, designer lamps and beautiful bed linen dress these rooms in which the guest will feel like an ambassador.

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The bathrooms are themselves a real haven of relaxation. Coated with delicate and modern materials, they invite to treat oneself, so necessary in the busy day to day.

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The surroundings of this ‘diplomatic’ apartment are also amazing … With the beautiful boulevard of ‘Juan Bravo’ at one end, dotted with exclusive terraces and restaurants, and the prestigious street of Dr. José Ortega y Gasset, chosen by the great international fashion designers as host of their wonderful showrooms.

Undoubtedly, an outstanding property for a discerning customer.

… escape with us!

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