If there is something that we do like is to get the most of a home and this challenge is presented to us continuously. This is where the ‘Home Staging’ comes into play.

Every week we find grim homes, where different families have lived, living in their mark driving thus the house to lose its own entity. It is there that we are required to leave the property up to the rest of our homes.

IVORY ESCAPES counts on a team of stylists and interior designers able to make the best of a house, with a minimum investment. The well-known ‘Home Staging’ concept does not consist in throwing out the old furniture and replacing it with something new and modern, but in making the most of what we have, introducing some ornamental elements that highlight the quality of the whole set and conceal its defects. It comes to be a ‘personal shopper’ for the house, that analyzes the colors, shapes and staging that best go with it.

We will see an example with this great family apartment located at ‘Don Ramon de la Cruz’ street (DON RAMON III), in the heart of ‘Barrio de Salamanca’.

It is a four-bedroom apartment that the owners left several years ago when they moved away. Different families lived there over the years, making changes according to their needs. In the end, it became a simply functional house, which lost the charm that used to have when inhabited by its owners. They thus entrusted us to give it personality again but keeping as much as possible the original furniture

When we first visited it, we found a very good apartment, which urgently needed a good facelift.

It was necessary to activate the ‘Ivory Escapes Home Staging’ protocol to make of it a real ‘Ivory Home’ within a month.

The property received us with a long hall equipped with aligned furniture, very austere …  plenty of wood and no color. It was necessary to give strength and originality to that space, because the first impression is the one that remains.

Therefore, we composed a small scene presided over by a large painting of a cheerful greenish yellow, which would determine the main color of the living. Another painting in another intense yellow would connect the hall with the following ambience.


Hall – After

Don Ramón de la Cruz 36_06

Hall – Before

The above mentioned hall led into a dark dining room, composed of a solid wooden table and brown leather chairs. Everything was right and functional, but equally lugubrious and austere. We decided to keep the table but cover it with a large piece of aged mirror, which would enhance the light of the room and would endow the old table with character. However, it was still not enough, so we would replace the chairs by others in a light ivory color. An ornamented tray would be enough to complete the dining room.


Dining room – After

Don Ramón de la Cruz 36_07

Dining room – Before

The sitting room was composed of two sofas around a big oriental table of great character. This table was a very special piece of furniture, but the excess of weight around, took away protagonist from it. That is why we separated the sofas, taking the smaller one across the room. In addition, we replaced the side tables by a couple of mirror cubes that again would enhance the brightness and would provide depth to this space.


Living room – After

Don Ramón de la Cruz 36_04

Living room – Before

Under the window of the room rested a pair of old armchairs that seemed somehow out of place. This area was ideal for a reading corner. It was there that the second sofa came to rest, accompanied by a set of funny side tables and plants.

Rincon lectura

Reading corner – After

Don Ramón de la Cruz 36_05

Reading corner – Before

We also applied the ‘Home Staging’ protocol to the private part of the house, based on original wallpapers, upholstered headboards, light bedside tables, cute lamps …

Don Ramón de la Cruz 36_11

Bedroom -Before

The bathrooms only needed some green and color …

Don Ramón de la Cruz 36_15

Bathroom -Before

Don Ramón de la Cruz 36_25

Bathroom – Before

… so did the kitchen:

Don Ramón de la Cruz 36_08

Kitchen -Before

Don Ramón de la Cruz 36_09

Kitchen – Before

In short, the ‘Home Staging’ concept has revolutionized the aesthetics in our homes, offering new possibilities of interior design in every single home without a need for dramatic changes.

At IVORY ESCAPES we offer great solutions for your home, so that you always enjoy living in it.

 … escape with us!

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