We feel very lucky to have had  the chance this time to work in a different neighborhood of Madrid: the Prosperidad District.

Prosperidad District has changed dramatically throughout its history and continues to do so by adapting itself to the social and economic circumstances of the moment. The urban layout of narrow streets and low buildings (some already disappeared in times of greater development) with the presence of small industries, workshops and warehouses – so characteristic of this neighborhood – has been transformed through a constant renovation adapting to the current real estate market.

In this line, we faced the challenge to transform an old warehouse of Prosperidad District into a cozy home at the level of the street, which should feature sitting and dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, three bathrooms and storage room. And we’ve got it!

The outcome of the challenge is: García Luna I

The property has been divided into two floors. The whole project revolves around a central space of double height, which surprises with traces of ‘patio’ equipped with a large skylight that illuminates the center of the property, where the dining room is located, in continuous relation with the sitting room and the kitchen. Visual contact is continuous: an open space that invites everyone to share, to communicate with each other.

An isolated hall acts as a filter between the street and the house. Once inside, it is presided by the staircase, a powerful element which organizes the space, crossing the ‘patio’ to give access to the upper bedrooms: a big suite on one side and a double bedroom with a study area and a bathroom just opposite, at the hallway.

An island separates the kitchen from the dining room that – along with the staircase – delimits its space supported by the recovered shocking iron windows, which define a marked aesthetic evoking past times.

The three bedrooms (two upstairs and one at the ground floor) and the sitting room face all the street and the internal ‘patio’. This duality of the inside-outside as a common thread occurs throughout the property, with the ‘patio’ and the staircase as protagonists.

The materials are basic: continuous coating of resin in pavement and showers, iron and deployee in the design of stairs, interior carpentry and other storage elements. An aesthetic that, without forgetting the past, shares the spirit of the neighborhood and the contemporaneity of the place, achieving a serene and unified atmosphere.

On the other hand, the interior design project bursts in opposition to the elementality and simplicity of the finishes, doting it of character and comfort. The leather carpet and the profusion of rich fabrics in curtains, blinds and linen dignify this home. Everything has been chosen following a stylistic line of marked refinement and with a chromatism that gives it warmth and distinction.

The outcome… a stunning home directly accesible from the street in an increasingly prosperous neighborhood: the Prosperidad District.

For further information about this property and/or its availability, please send us an email to [email protected]

…escape with us!

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