This week we continue with our “Top 10” of outstanding buildings in Madrid that any lover of architecture can not miss.

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6. ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration

In 1891, the building that we know today as the ABC Museum housed the old Mahou brewery, whose creator was the well-known architect José López Salaberry.

The adaptation of this huge space of 3,500 square meters and 6 floors has been developed by the arquitectura studio Aranguren & Gallegos, who have turned this building into a living and modern space, where in addition to exhibitions, workshops, conferences or various events are held.


ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration. Photo property of ABC Museum.

7. Terminal 4 of the Adolfo Suárez Airport Madrid – Barajas

The architecture studios Lamela & Rogers Stirk Harbor + Partners were in charge of the realization of the T4 project.

The project was based on 3 main ideas: corrugated roofs, columns in pairs, and the use of a range of colors to differentiate the different areas of the terminal. At the time of designing the project, the functionality of the building as well as the energy saving, were also taken into account. The result is a modern, functional and futuristic building.


T4 of Adolfo Suárez Airport. Photo property of Lamela & Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners Studio

8. Giner de los Ríos Foundation 

Since 1916, the Francisco Giner de los Ríos Foundation is the headquarters of The Free Institution of Education. Given the deterioration suffered over the years, the rehabilitation project was entrusted to Cristina Díaz and Efrén García, from the Amid cero architecture studio9. The project consisted in the rehabilitation of the original building, the erection of a new set of buildings, and a garden (designed by the landscaper Teresa Galí-Izard), which functions as an enveloping element and connects the different buildings. The result is truly original and surprising.


The Free Institution of Education. Photo property of José Hevia, via COAM.

9. Zarzuela Racetrack

One of the classics of Madrid’s architecture is the Zarzuela Racetrack. It was built after the Spanish Civil War, whose novel project was carried out by Carlos Arniches, Martín Domínguez and Eduardo Torroja. In 1980 it was declared a Historical Artistic Monument, and it is one of the most important works of the 20th century, due to its innovative architecture and beauty.

In 2005 Jerónimo Junquera was in charge of the rehabilitation of the building, recovering the values, materials and original construction systems.


Zarzuela Racetrack. Photo property of Arte de Madrid WordPress

10. IBM building

We close our list of outstanding buildings in Madrid with the IBM building.

It is an office building created by the genius of architecture Miguel Fisac.

The main challenge of the architect was to guarantee the thermal and acoustic insulation of the west façade. And he achieved it thanks to an original design of vertical prefabricated pieces, and to a masterful use of concrete.


IMB Building of Fisac. Photo property of Traveler

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